SINCE 1984.

Orlando da Silva Santos
B.A. (1978) J.D. (1982) M.B.A. (1982) 

over three decades of practical experience
and founder of Santos Law Firm.

Orlando da Silva Santos B.A. (1978) J.D. (1982) M.B.A. (1982) has over three decades of practical experience in family law practice in Ontario. He is the founder of Santos Law Firm.   In addition to the Family Law Practice, Santos Law Firm also provides services in the following areas of law:

1.  Wills and Estates and

2.  Solicitor services in:  

i. real estate

ii. corporate & commercial law, and

iii.  notary public and commissioner of oaths services

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In addition to his law practice Orlando da Silva Santos is a blogger at, a website focused on type 2 diabetes science, life extension research and nutrition solutions for metabolic disorders.

Ours is a family practice - we cater to the day-to-day needs of people like you!






produced or conducted by two or more parties working together.

Collaborative family law solutions involve putting away your difference for a greater good.  By using a team approach that seeks a friendly co-operative process that allows you - the client - to be in control of your future, and permits you and your partner - not a judge - to decide on what makes sense for you, collaborative solutions offer the possibility of solutions without litigation.

Out of Court resolution of Family Law Dispute is the present and the future.  Bill C-78, the federal government’s 190-page proposed changes to Canada’s Divorce Act places alternative dispute resolution in family law disputes where it belongs:  as central, recommended and a priority.  The bill proposes to impose a duty on litigants to “try to resolve the matters that may be the subject of an order under this Act” through an out-of-court “family dispute resolution process,” including mediation, negotiation or collaborative law. Meanwhile, lawyers and other legal advisers must encourage their clients to settle matters using the same methods, unless the circumstances of the case render it “clearly” inappropriate. Why wait for the law to change?

 Considering your options?  Consider the collaborative approach, avoiding litigation, preferring communication and opting for out of court solutions. 

We can help!





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When you reach the end of the road, and both of you are ready for a divorce, we offer Collaborative Divorce Solutions that start at $799


the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body.

This service is ideal for those who want the assistance of a lawyer at the end of the separation process, and the only thing needed is the Divorce Order.

In addition to the legal fees, you can expect to pay the following additional out-of-pockets:

Application Filing Fee:  $170

Divorce Motion Filing Fee:  $280

Divorce Certificate: $19

Clerk Filing Fees;  $125

Office:  $100

& tax. 

Tax inclusive total:  $1,750*

We offer an installment plan option:  $267/month over seven months

Time lines:  normally 4 to 6 months, depending on difficulty of service.


* Personal or Substitutional Service is additional: 

$150 to $450 in legal fees, plus disbursements necessarily incurred

(fees quoted depend on type of service of the documents required)




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Getting married in Ontario, and one of the people is divorced outside of Canada? 


a formal statement of advice by an expert on a professional matter.

To obtain your marriage license, you will need to complete an application that includes submitting an opinion from a lawyer that the prospective groom or bride has a divorce order that is recognized in Ontario and you are free to marry.

Orlando da Silva Santos offers a divorce opinion service.

A foreign divorce opinion starts at $349*

For divorces from Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries, we also provide a translation and notarization service, all in one office!

* plus HST.  Prices subject to adjustment depending on complexity.